Beginner Braider Class **PLEASE READ**

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Hey there!! 


Congratulations, on wanting to learn a new skill that could change your life! This course is going to help you learn how to be your own savior with young children by saving money and time. Rather you want to provide this service to your children only or begin a professional career you are on the right path. I am sure you will be successful with whichever route you choose. 


This is a hands on class and requires you to come with a positive mind set, and an open mind. NO SELF DOUBT ALLOWED. Allow me to guide you with 20 years of experience braiding. 

This course includes: 

All supplies required 

An 8 hour instructor led, hands on course 

A light lunch 




When selecting a model please be sure you can be comfortable with this person

They aren't severely tender head/sensitive scalp 

Your model needs to be patient, understanding and supportive 

Open minded 

Must not have any prior plans for the date as class can run over and your model is needed throughout the time frame of the day 


THIS COURSE IS FOR THOSE LOOKING TO LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF BASIC BRAIDING. Adding hair is not included in this course, to learn those services please schedule an ADVANCED BRAID COURSE